Bella’s Top 4 Favourites + Position
Tongue Games, Intense, Cumshots, french both-sides + Riding

Bella is a very loving and at the same time intense young woman with a stunningly beautiful body.

Humorous and educated like Bella, one could quickly become too deep in conversations. Whether this is in her interest, I dare to doubt …
Even if she looks like a graceful kitten with her petite and dreamlike figure, there is a wild, extremely intense side that consumes lust and passion.

It starts with a gentle kiss followed by intense tongue play, which is not limited to the northern areas. Bella knows exactly what she wants and how she gets it. Wild and passionate moments of togetherness in which she can let herself go and surrender to her pleasure. Keeping your unique and athletic bubble butt in your favorite position will surely push you to the limits of self-restraint.

An unprecedented and exciting time awaits you. Let yourself be spellbound and just be yourself. Bella loves it when you’re just a “man” …

Name: Bella

Age: 22

Height: 169 cm

Specials: small beautiful tattoos