Divia’s Top 4 + Favourite Position:
French both sides, Cumshots, full-body massages, roleplaying + missionary

The perfect interplay between a natural beauty and intelligent character. Divia is simply a beautiful and above all of that a intelligent young woman.

Whether you’re looking for an educated and sophisticated companion or want to be close to a charming, young and naturally attractive woman, Divia is a fabulous partner for any occasion.

Starting with a stunning, pretty face with clean lines and full lips, covered with long silky hair that lay gently around her shoulders. Teen tender skin just like it should be for a young student. Full natural breasts that she generally only slightly indicating and not want that she is limited to that. Her long legs round out the silhouette of this insanely attractive woman and create a true man’s dream.

Her preference is clearly for the intense seduction with her whole body, but always a little romantic.
from time to time you can expect a great lust for intense and uncontrolled moves from her because she also like it the wild way…

Name: Divia

Age: 20

Größe: 1,72 cm

Besonderheiten: no Tattoos / Piercings