Elsa’s Top 4 Favourites + position
Full-Body2Body Massagen, tongue games, kissing, lingerie/stockings + Doggy

Her appearance is so impressive that it can make you speechless.

Her body is flawless, her skin soft and smooth. Her face is beautiful and her smile playful and simultaneously innocent.
Big eyes that can look deep.
It all comes together with a natural and loving character – as a promise of an unexpected experience.

A hot kiss on this beautiful and shapely lips pull both of you in a spell of pure passion.

Two beautiful hands that loves nothing more than touching you. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing and at the same time intense massage with her whole body. You’ll not regret that for a second …

She loves to wrap her gorgeous body and her long legs in exclusive lingerie.

Elsa is a perfect balance between passionate girl and a stylish and charming student.

There are only a few women who conjure up a smile from the first moment on. Elsa can and does really love to do that.

Name: Elsa

Age: 23

Height: 173 cm

Specials: small Tattoos