Jessica’s Top 4 Favourites + Position
Massages, romance, lingerie, french each + Doggy Style

Pretty, petite and playful. Her naturally charming and slightly embarrassed aura will catch you right from the beginning.

Jessica is a true professional model. The difference is in the details: Vamp Attitude or fancy fuss means nothing to her. A totally natural and young girl in search of exciting, sexy and hot adventures.

Dark long hair, which slightly cover her tender skin.
Great big eyes watching very playful but doesn’t dare to stare.
Full lips which love to be touched and kissed.
beautiful and soft hands which wants to touch anything curiously to know & explore.
Endless long legs that love to be petted and a stunningly crisp back!

Every second spend with her is and will remain forever in your dreams.

Jessica wants you to lead her. She loves to do that and enjoys every second of it. She knows exactly how to use her charms. An absolutely fantastic body, which she loves to wrap in exclusive and hot lingerie just to read in your eyes how much you desire her.

Any contact with her delicate skin will lead to spine-tingling moment.
Stunning, young and full of passion and dedication.

Dont trust her playful and sweet style.
Still waters can be very very deep…

Name: Jessica

Age: 31

Height: 1,71 cm

Specials: small Tattoos