Lina’s Top 4 + Position:
Full Body Massages, deepthroat, lingerie, Tongue Games + Riding (spreaded)

A sexy little devil in a blond angelic figure. Lina’s eyes sparkle with zest for life and lust for life. As a man spends his time with Lina, everyday stress fades into the background, and one wonders how quickly time has passed.

A dinner in a sophisticated atmosphere, a casual evening in the club or as a playmate for a hot night – Lina always cuts a fine figure and inspires by her open-mindedness and curiosity. Stylishly she adapts to her calling on the occasion: sexy dress for visiting an exhibition or incessantly in jeans and top à la “the nice girl next door”.

Whether cuddle cat or wild tiger – Lina dominates and enjoys both variants. Which of the two sides she reveals to you depends entirely on you.

Not only Lina’s beautiful face, but also her shapely breasts and perfect butt will cast a spell on you and make you forget about time.

If you are looking for a young and open-minded woman who not only has a great body and a beautiful face, but also leaves a lasting impression through her naturalness, her curiosity and the desire to play, Lina is the perfect choice for you.

Name: Lina

Age: 27

Height: 1,70cm

Specials: no Tattoos