Nadia’s Top 4 favorites + position
french bothsides, lingerie, fullbody-Massages, toys + Doggy

Nadia – a stunning and enchanting natural beauty with lots of humor and an sympathetic aura.

Beautiful hair that lay gently on her tender skin. A very pretty face, with sparkling eyes and a wonderful smile. Soft hands and heavenly curves just waiting to be stroked tenderly.

Whether sophisticated conversations, or intimate and especially sensual whispers – Nadia is an excellent conversationalist with a lot of charm and a lot of passion.

Her style is characterized by elegance and at the same time casual-sporty. A great combination of two almost opposite directions in connection with her great body creating something unique.

Nadia has an excellent knowledge of human nature. She uses this to also to meet you your most beautiful and perhaps inexpressible whishes.

A complete, multi-faceted young women who will not only blow your mind…

Name: Nadia

Age: 29

Height: 172cm

Specials: beautiful tattoos