Viktoria’s Top 4 Favorites + Favorite Position: french kissing, full body massages, clothed sex, french both sides + backwards riding

Viktoria – a stunning and natural-charming beauty

Her natural and authentic nature impresses from the very first moment. Funny, cheerfully and always in a good mood, this young woman.

Beautiful, naturally brown hair, which gently rest on her soft and clean skin. A cute face with bright eyes and a bright smile. Viktoria knows exactly how to make u smile too.

Never overdressed and never underdressed. The perfect match between stylish young woman and girl next door.

An extremely intelligent and above all charming young woman with lots of youthful energy and curiosity.

Viktoria combines everything you can expect from a loving young woman. And more!

Name: Viktoria

Age: 20

Height: 1,69 cm

Specials: No Tattoos / Piercings