Elena’s Top 4 favourites + position
French both sides , tongue games , lingerie , role playing + Doggystyle

Elena – a breathtaking natural beauty full of thrilling eroticism .

The sweet girl next door , educated, charming and humorous. But you should not underestimate her.

Elena is a student full of fire for sensual moments . Still waters run deep …-very deep trust me!

A beautiful face with bright eyes and a charming smile. Her skin is soft and delicate, her hands are gently . Natural ginger hair make Elena an absolute highlight .

Always stylish and yet so youthful carefree and lighthearted . Her kind fascinates right away…

She appreciates a high-quality talk at least just as hot whispers in her ear … preferable both on the same day …

“Redheads do it better”

Name: Elena

Age: Mid 20

Height: 1,68 cm

Specials: small Tattoo