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French kisses, clothed sex, massages, girlfriend sex

Hanadi is a breathtaking exotic lady with a lot of charm, that extra bit of sex appeal and a lot of empathy and curiosity. Intelligent & multifaceted as she is, it is really difficult to focus on the most important points. Her long dark hair falling gently on her unique body. Beautiful full lips, big eyes and a stylish appearance for every occasion. Their touch of the exotic just makes them even more exciting and is therefore something very special. She is a completely natural type and paired with so much sensuality. A real rarity!

Hanadi loves the world of sensual seduction and enjoys it like no other. She loves to be seduced and led. Sensual massages and authentic girlfriend sex are among her absolute weak points…her particularly loving and emphatic manner will make you feel comfortable in no time at all.

Lean back and let her unique voice take you into a world of pure eroticism. She loves to whisper with her tender voice and is at least as happy to be led… Her absolutely authentic manner and tenderness, in connection with this incredibly great and completely natural body, make Hanadi a very special lady

Name: Hanadi

Age: late 20

Height: 169 cm

Special features: C-cup