Ira’s Top 4 favorites + favorite Position
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Ira a real cheerful person. Her blond hair, her natural face and her absolutely likeable and great smile radiate a sensual innocence. Her friendly and open-minded manner clarifies and underlines the image of the sexy neighbor who one would like to pay a visit to.

But what is hidden under the blouse and the business skirt is the stuff that men’s dreams are made of. A beautiful athletic body with firm curves and a beautiful skin.

She loves adventure and mystery, likes to try new things and savors every moment of sensual eroticism. An all-round talent with an incredibly great character.

If you are looking for an absolutely sensual and natural premium escort, then Ira is definitely a recommendation for you. Her big, curious eyes that look at you with a flash will give you a tingling feeling even after the date.

Name: Ira

Age: middle 20

Height: 168 cm

Special features: C-cup