Julia’s Top 3 + Position:
Preferences French kisses, French on both sides, doggy

Intelligence coupled with an authentic and loving character characterize this sweet natural beauty. If you ask Julia, “What are you most value for on a date?” fun, passion and laxity will definitely be among her top 3 answers.

However, the highest priority is the respect and responsiveness to the wishes of the opposite. Their authentic style promises an unforgettable experience at the highest level. Tender skin that longs for sensual touch, full lips and great youthful curiosity, which wants to be breastfed.

A natural that is hardly comparable due to such unique characteristics. Her big eyes, her charming smile and her gentle voice with this cheeky grin are simply impressions that are formative.

If you want to let go and spend your time with a beautiful and bright young woman, there should be no doubt after seeing her wonderful body … I’m just saying: When classic elegance meets exciting juvenile curiosity.

Name: Julia

Age: mid 20

Height: 164cm

Specials: Anal by sympathy, tattoos